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Send feedback or this show dies!

microphoneA quick show recorded while walking through the neighborhood.  I have a simple question and need some answers (simple or otherwise.)

If you found yourself transported back in time 50 years… what would you do?  You have no new technology on you and only what is in your brain.

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If I hear nothing… I will kill the show and not proceed.  If I get any kind of feedback, I will put out more.




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A Manifesto for a Better America

This will likely piss off everyone who reads this, but I figure you can complain about things or you can do something about them.

A Manifesto for a Better America

I think the first time I said it publicly was around 1990… the ONLY correct answer is “VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT!!!”

If they are incumbent, they must go! Stop trying to decide who is the better of two evils. If they understand it is a very temporary job, they will start doing what is right for the country instead of what is right for their “side” of the same corrupt coin.

Bernie Sanders may sound to Democrats like a better choice than Hillary… but him swinging things toward more socialism is NOT the answer.  There is already too much socialism in the country.  He is class-baiting folks because so much of the current socialism benefits the corporations and wealthy.  Adding more socialism may temporarily shift some money, but it won’t solve the problem.

As much as I like the policies of Rand Paul, he is an incumbent and brings with him a need to be re-elected.  Honestly, I think I like Rand Paul mostly because of his father.  Ron Paul was the only career politician I have seen that fought against Crony Capitalism and Socialism his entire career.  There are some things I disagree with him on, but that is what made our country great – our differences, not our sameness.

The Republicans are fighting for things I strongly believe in – the right to keep and bear arms – the importance of the family.  But come on, do the Democrats really dislike families?  I doubt it.  I think they just dislike what they see as corporate greed more.  Both parties have been taken over by the Orwellian-named – Progressives.

It is not a battle of Socialism vs Capitalism.  Capitalism hasn’t been practiced in this country since the Robber Barons started enacting laws to create their monopolies.   The “black market” is probably the closest thing to Capitalism that we will ever see.  You know why it works?  Because there are no government controls.

Yes, we need government to protect against threats (foreign and domestic) – that doesn’t mean invent them… or worse, create them through the endless game of real-life RISK – propping up dictators and shoveling cash and weapons to the guys on “our side” only to discover they are no longer on our side when they change their minds or we leave them hung out to dry.  Government should not be in many of the businesses they are in.  In our Constitution, it was made clear that the states are to determine anything not specifically spelled out therein.  Both the President and the Supreme Court should stay out of the lawmaking business.  Also, if there is an amendment I would love to see in that document, it is that each law (there will be few when the states regain their power) should only have one thing in it… not riders, add-ons, attachments and pork designed to grease the wheels and ensure things get passed.

Political Correctness is the most dangerous thing we face.  The idea that you cannot spank an unruly child is simply wrong.  The idea that telling someone you don’t like them is a “hate crime” is wrong.  The idea of a hate crime itself is more divisiveness.  It is designed to create an “us versus them” mentality.  Is there such a thing a “love crime?”  They are all hate crimes… no, they are all just crimes and should be punished equally.  If I see someone mistreating someone and strike the offender, the consequences to me should be the same whether the person I struck was white, black, hispanic, straight, male, female, trans, gay, an Eagles fan, liberal, mentally challenged or a politician.   If it is ruled that what I did was a crime, the punishment should be the same regardless of the victim.

With everyone afraid to say anything to anyone, nobody stands up for what is right.  What do you do when a gay man beats up a black girl?  Who do you defend?  Nobody… you lower your head and scurry away unsure of who you will piss off and whose rights you will be stepping on.  It used to be that people stepped in to stop the attack regardless of who the attacker was – without regard for civil liberties – only to stop the act.

This manifesto (I chose the name only because it sounds official… the problem is that now because I chose it as a literary device, I will be on a watchlist) is a perfect example.  Nobody comes out and says anything anymore.  We do “drive-by” commenting… sharing a meme that you agree with – but won’t paint you as too far in any direction.

The truth is in the middle… and the edges… it’s in the different… it’s in the nooks and crannies of thousands of detailed issues.  Instead, we are lazy and just pick a side…  or worse yet, try to straddle the line to be all things to all people..  that is what we have been trained to do.  STOP drinking the Kool-Aid…  START thinking for yourself.  I know, sounds crazy, right?

We all believe we think for ourselves.  We believe we have differing opinions.  And you know what… to some extent we do.  But, we don’t share them.  Why?  Because we fear being labelled as evil by one side or the other.  It is NOT evil to disagree on a subject.  It IS evil to manipulate us into being afraid to question – being afraid to talk with the opposition rather than lob jabs at their beliefs.  That is what we have devolved into – scared little parrots of the so-called right and left.

VOTE ‘EM ALL OUT and run for office yourself.  No, you don’t have to spend millions.  Start small – just get your name on the school board ballot and go a debate or town hall meeting.  Serve your term, vote YOUR conscience – that what your party handlers tell you.  Your goal should not be to make this a career.  When they discover they cannot sway you, yes… you will lose their support.  But who cares, you are out of there anyway.

This country was founded on a system that foresaw EVERYONE taking a turn in office and then returning to their farm or small business and enjoying the immense gift that this country was.  If you don’t want to run for office that is your choice, but if you vote for ANYONE that is currently in office, you are part of the problem.  No, that is me just doing that PC speak again… trying to temper it so nobody gets pissed… if you vote for ANYONE that is currently in office, you ARE part of the problem.

by Chris Doelle


Beware of random bills

cobra, coverage, lapse, bill,I switched insurance companies about four months ago and while getting things going with the new one was HUGE hassle, the letter I received in the mail recently was an even bigger shock… a bill for $1,445.36!!

It wasn’t from the new insurance company – it was from the previous one!

Yeah, they were billing me for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) because my insurance lapsed.  It didn’t actually lapse, but they billed me anyway.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (on the phone with their help line,) I discovered that it is just something they do.  They just send out bills like this to anyone that leaves their coverage.  The idea is that some of them will pay it.

I don’t know about you, but I find the practice extremely distasteful and borderline evil.  There are some folks that will pay those bills and more often than not, it will likely be some elderly person frightened to death that their insurance will lapse at a time when they need it most.  They will likely not have the energy to sit on hold, fight through the levels of people needed to get to the bottom of the issue and just pay it.

My only advice is to question bills you receive in the mail.  If they are confusing, find someone willing to take a look into it for you.

by Chris Doelle

Coming up for air… just a bit

Texas High School Football Has Abducted Me

LSGLogoBorderSo, long-time readers of the blog will know that this is the time of year when I disappear.  Newcomers, here’s why:  Texas high school football.  As you can see, my last post was July 27th.  That was about  month before Texas high school football got going.  That is because of Lone Star Gridiron, my Texas high school football website.  It really eats up every free moment during the season.

What have I done while silent here?

  1. Previewed every district in the state of Texas – what teams we expected to do well, what players are returning, history, notes etc. – a ton of stuff!
  2. Scheduled, recorded, conducted interviews, edit, and posted 11 podcasts a week!  Yes, every region of Texas gets their own show.  The format is me interviewing and talking football with a regional expert on the happenings in Texas high school football,  Plus a recruiting show and a coaches show.
  3. Highlighted the key matchups across the state… again, by Region
  4. Started doing a LIVE Friday night scoreboard show (from 9:30pm – 11:00pm) every Friday during the regular season (that will morph into a mid-week playoff show starting next week.)
  5. Edited over 50 intern/reader/contributor articles.  This ranges from just a few tweaks to some that are nearly 100% rewritten.  Along the way, I have helped shape the writers into seasoned sportswriters.
  6. Managed social media for LSG – posting and communicating with #txhsfb fans to the tune of about 60-100 posts a week across five social media sites.
  7. Compiling rankings of every team in the state every week by classification and sharing those out on the site.
  8. Began an interview series with Texas high school football coaches that we will be rolling out soon.

Oh yeah… and service my clients in my marketing company, manage my staff…  you know – the things that pay the bills :)

I’m sure there are 100 other things I do related to Texas high school football that I haven’t thought to mention.  It is a very time consuming but definitely a labor of love.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however.  This is the last week of 11 shows as the regional shows will drop off next week with playoffs starting.  There will still be 4 shows going but trust me, this is a big weight lifted.

Then, the fun starts – playoffs and championship games.  It’s kinda like a month of Christmas each week.

Rest assured, you will be seeing more of me here as the season progresses.  Thanks for waiting.

by Chris Doelle

Svengali – I couldn’t turn my eyes away

I grew up hearing people referred to as a “Svengali” and had a basic understanding that meant someone who could hypnotize one into doing things they wouldn’t normally.  I never saw the film until tonight… wow.  What a creepy and sad film.

Turns out the character of Svengali is actually based on a character in the book Trilby.  He was such an interesting character that he has entered into the lexicon for a manipulative person.

SvengaliThe film I watched is the 1931 version with John Barrymore as the main character.  I had seen the movie poster before but always assume it was a silent film so put it mentally in my “I’ll watch it someday” file.  It was indeed a talkie and someday was today.

What first appeared to be overacting turned into a mesmerizing, can’t-turn-away character that Barrymore portrays wonderfully. Marian Marsh, as Trilby, was the perfect innocent victim.  The entire film has fully developed and interesting characters throughout.

I was very impressed with the special affects the used to show his eyes when hypnotizing.  It had to be cutting edge effects for 1930.

Barrymore did a great job of making you pity him, detest him and even commiserate with him at various times throughout the film.  It was well written, beautifully paced and visually entertaining throughout.

RATING 9 out of 10

Chris Doelle

Who are your crushes?

We all have them… those people we admire, look up to, envy or just swoon over. Mine may surprise you.

When it comes to fame – I can’t think of anyone that would raise my heart rate upon encountering just because of their fame. There are some folks that definitely would send it peaking, but not because they are famous.

I ran into Wolfgang Puck at a restaurant (of all places) and the friend I was with was beside himself, “Ooh, that’s Wolfgang Puck! Let’s get our picture taken with him.”  He was absolutely giddy over the encounter.  I snapped a pic of the two together and then Puck came over to me, put his arm around me and posed while my friend snapped my picture with him. I’m guessing that is standard procedure when multiple people encounter a celebrity.

I now have a picture with Wolfgang Puck.  Uh…okay? How does that improve my life?

I could relay a dozen other ‘celeb’ interactions, but they are all in the blog so no need. What I wanted to focus on here is not how cool I am in the company of famous people, but instead look at who I really get excited about.

The whole idea for this article is a result of a recent interaction with someone… Paul Sherwen. Who?

Paul Sherwen has been involved with the Tour de France for 37 years – including 7 as a rider and the last 30 as a commentator. I interviewed him for my show Lunch With Chris. As we talked via Skype (he was at home in Uganda,) I was more than a little excited to be talking with this man whose virtual company I had shared for more than 30 years while watching my favorite sporting event.

He is such a gracious person and good interviewee. I think the episode turned out great and I walked around with a big grin for most of the day because it went so well. We talked quite a bit about cycling outside of the interview and he invited me to stay in touch. It was pretty cool.

pink p!nkOkay, a lot of you are like, “Really? Some cycling guy I never heard of?” Rest assured there are some bigger names on my list. Here are the people that would spin me up to be able to sit down and talk with:

  • My hottie list – women I find crazy attractive
    • Charlize Theron, P!nk, Jennifer Aniston
  • My man crushes – guys I would like to hang with
    • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Greg LeMond, Clint Eastwood, Shaquille O’Neal
  • My business/leader crushes – folks I would love to have as a mentors
    • Anthony Robbins, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban

You’ll notice there are no politicians in the list. I’ve been in a room with, shaking hands or produced video coverage of: Bill Clinton, 2 George Bushes, Rick Perry, Donal Trump, a dozen state politicians and more. None of them made me feel like is was in the company of greatness. It felt more like being in the company of one of my friend’s creepy uncle.

Who would you like to spend an afternoon with or maybe share a dinner?

Chris Doelle

Enough, Lance. Let it go

Why do some people never know when to just be quiet?

After the first mountain stage of this years Tour de France, Lance Armstrong felt compelled to cast doubt on Chris Froome. Froome took the race lead after an excellent effort behind a strong team. Lance’s jab via Twitter:


That’s just weak juju, Lance. 

I guess I take this personally because it took me a long time to become a Lance supporter, but I finally did. His story was so fantastic that it was hard to root against him. When he disparaged the actual greatest American cyclist, Greg LeMond, I was upset with Lance but I excused it as his competing spirit causing him to say stupid things. Turns out, it was just him trying to redirect the attention away from his crimes. 

Chris Froome is racing clean and despite the fact that I’m still hoping for a surprise move by 2nd place American, Teejay Van Garderen, I believe Froome and his team are just performing better. 

Lance, let it go. Show some class and move on. There is still much good you can do for cycling, for Amerca, and your legacy. 

What are your thoughts? Were/are you a Lance Armstrong fan? How does this make him look?

Chris Doelle

Are you shaping technology to you?

I can’t overstate how much I love technology.  I don’t like it for the coolness factor or the look at me I have the latest gadget effect. It is something much more functional.

Usually while exercising (cycling, treadmill etc.) I have a lot of time to be introspective.   It is at times like these that I have some of my most inspiring and deepest thoughts.  Don’t get me wrong – this may not qualify :)  It may not be that deep.

I was on the treadmill at the YMCA and the following was happening:

  • My heart rate monitor was connecting with the treadmill to adjust the speed for my target zone
  • My iPhone was recording my steps and time on the treadmill from my pocket and reporting to my MapMyRide app
  • My iPad was connected to the TWC wifi and streaming LIVE coverage of the first mountain stage of the Tour de France
  • My bluetooth headphones were playing an audiobook biography of Elon Musk

Again, it wasn’t about being seen as the ‘wired’ guy on the treadmill, it was about molding tech to make the most of my time.  I could mindlessly watch the news on the TVs in the gym or I could better use that time.

tour de france exercise

The Tour de France app that I have not only streams the race live, but there is so much data that I don’t really need the audio.  I have had a long habit of using drive and exercise time to listen to audio books because it takes my mind off what could be boring otherwise.

How are you bending technology to make your life better?

Chris Doelle

I’m breaking the law right now

meme most interesting blogWhat exactly is copyright law?  What can you do? What will land you in prison? How many years after creation is it okay for you to copy?  Does it matter if you make money with the copy?  Copyright laws have changed a lot since the early days.

Did you know that Disney is the reason that copyrights have changed so drastically recently?  Yes, when the copyright protection was about to expire for Mickey Mouse, Disney lobbied to ‘fix’ that.  The result… copyright became much longer and much tougher.

Copyright law has gone through some major changes since it started. (read Copyright timeline if you want to dig into all the boring details)

Copyright was originally created with the advent of the printing press.  As publishing started, it was a ripe area for people to steal and republish.  The Licensing Act of 1662 in England made it illegal to do that.  The downside of that move was a monopoly.  Suddenly, you couldn’t even expand on someone else’s ideas – you couldn’t create stories involving characters in other’s works.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

Actually, there is.

copyright infringement meme

Posting this IS a prosecutable action

Disney built their entire empire on re-imagining the works of others.  They didn’t create the characters or stories behind many of their biggest films.  These are simply classic fairy tales that they co-opted. In fact, most of what you see on the silver screen and television is a remake of someone else’s story produced without getting copyright rights.  Why is it okay for corporations to play fast and loose with copyright while individuals are crushed for creating a fan film?

Willful breaking of copyright now can cost the violator hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Actually, even accidental copyright infringement has successfully been prosecuted.

You tell me.  Are the current copyright laws a good thing?  Do we need to protect the creators ?  Are they a bad thing?  Do we need to loosen the laws to encourage creativity?  Where do we draw the line?

Chris Doelle