I saw Tears of the Sun on DVD the other day. I was really expecting it to be a good movie despite the fact that it tanked at the theaters, because I am a big Bruce Willis fan. Well, turns out – it tanked for a reason…. it stunk. The writing was pretty lame – the acting was lame – even the premise was lame. If ever there was a formula movie this was it. Tough guy needed to go in and rescue hot scientist female (why are they always hotties? – duh, nevermind – that one is pretty obvious), hottie doesn’t like macho soldier, tough guy bullies her because he has to save her life, tough guy shows soft side, hottie like tough guy afterall – all the while surrounded by typical over-the-top bad guys shooting at them. I think Schwarzenegger made about a dozen movies with this formula. Oh yeah – and he did a better job. Bruce Willis was just collecting a paycheck on this one as they advertised it as “his best work since Die Hard.” It WAS diehard – it was just set in a jungle.

RATING 4 out of 10