I watched The Passion of the Christ with Pennie tonight and was underwhelmed. Now, before people send me hatemail about my take on the film – I am reviewing it as a film. This is not a condemnation of Christianity. If you cannot separate the two – do not read on. First off, I thought the blood was WAAAAAAY overdone. I know, I know – Mel had to show the gravity of the situation and he had to stress the inhuman suffering that Christ endured…. but come on, Jason Voorhees couldn’t have made it through that bloodletting. As a film, I thought it was way too simple. I know, I know – Mel had to follow the book – right? Yeah, but he could have done it with a little more skill. It was one series of biblical sound bite after another. Do you really have to show the soldiers casting lots? Could it not have been done with more skill and intelligence by making it occur in the background? Did he have to dumb the thing down so much?

Two disturbing things about the film: 1 – several times throughout the film there was a screen wipe accomplished by a cloth or robe moving in front of the camera. During wipe, a series of dots was on the screen flashing by almost subliminally.

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it was hard to catch exactly. What is that? Some sort of hidden message? Is it a masonic symbol? I will search the net, but I am intrigued by this.

2 – I forgot the other one

RATING 6 out of 10