On Pennie’s recommendation, I watched Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane. I have always loved Diane Lane who is one of the finest actresses in the business but either is picky about roles or just doesn’t get offered enough.

SPOILER ALERT: If you intend to watch this film, do NOT read on until you have done so. I do not want to ruin a really great moment.

Sure, Tuscan Sun is a chick-flick. Sure it has romance novel oozing from every frame. Sure, it features GQ Italian men saying all the right things and causing women to swoon. Hidden in the film however, is a great message. It is a message that is dear to my heart – optimism. The script is filled with great prose and wonderful quips about optimism. “Keep working and don’t worry about things.” “If you are hunting for ladybugs, relax and go to sleep, the ladybugs will be there when you wake up,” and Fellini’s “Do not lose your childish innocence.”

The beautiful vistas and boundless optimism are worth the watching, even if the foo-foo women’s stuff is a little much at times. Secretly you will be touched by this woman’s journey to recover from divorce and realize that no matter how many “the next guys” are thrown in front of the audience to lure us into thinking her next white knight has arrived, it is herself that she needed to find. When she relaxes and really discovers herself, she indeed wakes up and finds a ladybug.

The best part however was the most simple of motions when an old man simply tips his hat to her. Nothing can stop you after seeing that.

RATING 8 out of 10