Okay, I am adapting my health plan or I should say my diet regimen a little bit.

For the record, I need roughly 2,700 calories a day to continue to at my present weight so I will be shooting for totals under that each day.

I am going to track things a little differently. I am going to also shoot for the following breakdown in my calorie distribution:

Carbohydrates 45-55%
Fat 25-35%
Protein 15-25%
Minutes of exercise 30-60

I know this is going to flip out the anti-carb camp, but it has a sound basis in science, unlike some diet plans that are out there. I intend to try to make those carbs score well on the glycemic index. I.e. those that take longer to breakdown.

I will now only be posting:

Total Calories:
% Carbohydrates:
% Fat:
% Protein:
Minutes of exercise:

If I hit the target area the listing will be in GREEN, if I am over, it will be in RED and if I am under, it will be in BLUE

Need help tracking your own healthy eating? Well, first look at the labels – most everything made these days has good food values information on the label. In the case of things like fruits, vegetable and restaurant food however, you need a place to look things up sometimes. The site Calorie-Count.com is a great tool!