Selections from my personal journal during college.

I worked on the computer today – some Spring Break 🙁 Anyway, I rode 18 miles on the stationary bike today, and even did a few push ups. I’ve been going to be earlier… at college I would stay up until well after midnight every night, but its so boring around here that I’ve been going to bed at 10 or 11. It’s 9:30 right now and I will probably go to bed after I finish writing.

I think I’ll go see a movie with Tony tomorrow so there probably won’t be an entry until Thursday. Speaking of Thursday, thats the day that Tonya is supposed to head back to Nac. She should be home that evening so I think I’ll call her and see if she’ll pick me up at the bus station when I come in Friday. Hopefully, I can spend Friday and the weekend with her before everyone comes back. Well, I guess I’ll watch the end of “Midnight Caller” and hit the hay… did I mention I missed her? haha

Another sappy entry… the surprise so far is that for the first time since I was doing journal entries at college, I actually maintained focus on one girl for an extended period of time. Okay, maybe not exclusive focus… but hey, she did remain at the top for quite some time. 🙂