I have to take a second and, in the name of international relations, thank my good friend “The Mescan” for his assistance this past week. No, the Mescan is not from Mexico… he’s actually a German-born American that has been a good friend since my early college days. I said international relations – not US/Mexico relations.

That aside, he was extremely helpful this past week as he took time out of his schedule to come help me organize some part of my life in preparation for adding some new duties. The trip doubled as a fact-finding mission for him because toward the end of May, he will likely be moving to Houston.

He will be looking for employment and let me say, friendship aside, you will not find a harder working, more honest person. He has a background in the home medical field, but will fit in well in any job that allows him to help people. If you’d like his resume, let me know.

He made his first appearance in the RWTWD back in ’04 as the Best Costume Ever. (he’s the one that isn’t a psychotic dictator)