I would have thought the whole blogging “code of conduct” thing would have died down by now. If you don’t know what I am talking about – consider yourself lucky and move on.. the whole issue is a tired waste of time.

The way I see it (and my blog is all about the way I see things) if you are going to toss yourself out in the public eye, you are going to attract some weirdos. If you don’t want the weirdos, stop throwing yourself in front of the crowd. Take down your blog – turn off the microphone – shut off the camera – get off the damn stage. Problem solved.

Sure, there are some jerks out there and sure, they say some rude and hurtful things… thats part of the price of Internet fame. A “Code of Conduct” among bloggers is going to nothing more than drive traffic to the site of the guy that created the CoC badge. If someone breaks the law and makes a threat against you – take it up with the police… let’s not create another level of Big Brother. Even talking about this code opens the door for the FCC and nobody wants that.

One of my favorite sayings applies… .”SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!”