Entourage has long been one of the ‘good’ shows. The first season, it was a tightly-written, smart comedy. As a result, it became wildly successful. In season two, it had its ups and downs… the increased focus on Ari (Jeremy Piven) really made the show pop, while the increasingly cardboard stereotypes like that of Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) became a bit disappointing.

Season three is the chance for redemption and you know what? It just isn’t happening. I see a whole lot of “let’s spend the Entourage budget” going on as they are bringing in more and more guest appearances and really not worrying too much about the script.

Will I still keep watching? Yeah. Will I be critical when each episode goes by with no real movement in the plot? You bet. Do I begrudge them their opportunity to cash in on the success and just sorta float along until the end of season twist that is sure to come? Nah… more power to them. All they really have to do is keep feeding me enough crumbs to keep me from finding something else to take care of my entertainment appetite… as of right now though, they are cutting it pretty close.