codger44.jpgDon Imus is sueing CBS for $40 million (the remaining amount left on his contract – plus incidentals.) I really hope he wins.

Alright, put down your stones and let me explain. First off, my opinion of Don Imus isn’t that he is a racist or a bigot, he is just an unfunny radio dude whose humor is often at the expense of others. So what. Name ONE comedian who hasn’t said worse. Name one rapper that hasn’t said worse. Name one CBS executive that hasn’t told something off-color around the water cool. (Okay, I can’t verify that last one, but you get the idea.)

More important that stopping the Don Imus’ of the world from uttering the phrase “nappy headed hos,” (check me on that phrase, Grammar Girl) is making sure that our right to speak freely (no matter how stupid) is preserved.

Do I think this is a ‘line in the sand’ stand for freedom of speech? Do I think this is a crossroads that will forever change our inalienable rights? No… its just one ripple in an ocean of waves pushing back and forth. Do I think it matters? You bet… the break in the levees after Katrina started with just a little bit of water spilling over.

A bit too dramatic? Yeah, you’re probably right… but I do hope the clueless old codger wins the lawsuit.