I did it… after dozens of comments over the past year about the sad state of my shower curtains, I replaced them. The ones I had were perfectly functional if somewhat rough looking. The cat (Nardo) tore a big hole in one and sure, there was a little mildew gathering on another, but come on – its a bachelor pad.

It’s not that I’m too cheap to buy a shower curtain or two, its just not that important in my day-to-day life. Functionally, the ones I had were fine… aesthetically – not so much.


Shower curtains and the like are things that noone should have to concern themselves with. They should just be taken care of, like at a hotel. The whole idea of having to replace such a boring piece of my life is counter to everything that interests me, but I gave in to peer pressure and I have to say that I like the new ones a lot.

I guess that means that someday I might actually get around to painting again… don’t hold your breath.