I got this recently sent to my Facebook account.

“I’m deleting my Facebook account because I’ve discovered it’s a part of data mining and possibly the US government. (Listen to the Documentally podcast #28.) I thought I’d let you know since I’ll be disappearing! Well, not really . . . .

Visit the Civilianism forum one of these days.. Tell us what you’re doing!”

It worked on me! I subscribed to the podcast. I thought about editing out the name of the podcast in case it was just marketing by them, but figured – what the heck… they deserve the pimping even if this is just a stunt.


So is it a stunt? Not sure… like I said, I subscribed – I just haven’t had the time to listen to the episode yet. I’ll get back to you.

EDIT: I have now listened to the episode and have to say it is not only a good show, but I absolutely dig conspiracy stuff. Will I stop using facebook? …eventually, as it gets more and more spammy. For now, I am giving in to the dark side.