bush-confused-thumb.jpgWow… normally I am a jump-up-ready-to-go kind of person when I wake. I never understood people who were groggy in the morning… I just couldn’t relate. This morning however, I understand.

I still can’t figure out what made this morning different than any other… I’ve stayed up until 3AM working more nights than I can count. It was never followed by a hazy head the next day even when I had to get up at 5AM. This morning, at 8:30 the phone woke me from a zombie sleep. Which is odd because I never sleep this late and have always been a super-light sleeper. I have woke up before when a bird walked on my window sill… not chirped, not fluttered, not raised a ruckus… just walked.

It was Dave’s call that woke me and the weird thing was how incomprehensible it all was. Sure, I got all the words… I just couldn’t put my finger on what the heck he was asking me to do. Okay, some of it was probably Dave’s style of talking around what he’s asking… but he really was pretty direct this morning. It could have been that I assumed he was getting at something else just from experience… or it could have been that I was still part AM-Zombie. (I just coined that phrase… feel free to use with attribution.)

It was probably a combination of everything and I am making a mountain out of a molehill (not my phrase – haha.) It just struck me as odd because this absolutely NEVER happens to me. Normally, I can pop out of bed and be fully capable of doing algebra the second my feet hit the floor. (Well, as capable as I am at any other time of the day.)

How is your head in the mornings? Are you instant-alert? Are you an AM-Zombie? Has it changed as you’ve aged? Are you stoned right now and haven’t caught any of this?

(Apologies to President Bush, but I searched Google for “confused” and dozens of this image came up… too funny.)