I have dug the idea of Google Docs since I first heard about it. Once it rolled out and I had a chance to start using the stuff… I liked it even more. I think the first doc I ever shared was a spreadsheet for several high school football sports writers in Texas as we all made our predictions for the state playoffs last year. (although I led the first three rounds, I finished third among the sportswriters) The ability to share a spreadsheet was phenomenal.

Well, Google Docs has just gotten better.

The biggest change was the layout of your doc collection. Before it was one long list and it “back-burnered” files that hadn’t been used in 30 days. The new structure still has the frequently used files feature, but it shows the entire collection of files in more of a traditional directory. While this may not seem like much, the instant I saw it I knew it was a heck of a lot quicker and more useful.

The exodus may be in full force at Google (as the early brains are vesting in their stock and jumping ship) but someone there is still turning out good stuff. Hey Microsoft… take note – if you build it ‘useful’ – they will come.