It turns out that I was correct in my assertion that a tribute to show Chris Benoit was waaaay too premature.

According to Wikipedia:

WWE canceled the scheduled three hour long live RAW show on June 25, and replaced the broadcast version with a tribute to his life and career, featuring his past matches, segments from the Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story DVD, and comments from wrestlers and announcers.[9] The next night, before their ECW broadcast, WWE aired a recorded statement by Vince McMahon hinting towards regret for the previous night’s special and stating that Benoit’s name would not be mentioned other than during McMahon’s comments. The WWE also removed all tributes and comments concerning Chris Benoit from their official website and later removed news articles about the deaths and their preceding events. Benoit’s profile has also been removed from the roster of superstars on the WWE website.

I know the pressure to address the issue was probably very high, but sometimes even in the exploitation business, it’s best to hold off and think a bit.