iphonebl200x.JPGI spotted this on mobilepodcast.org

AT&T’s iPhone Exclusivity Checked by Congress

Give it a read but the short of it is that Congress will soon be meeting to see if it is wrong to lock a cell phone model into one company (i.e. the iPhone to AT&T.)

While I like the idea of being able to get an iPhone without switching carriers… I think the effect on business might be a bad thing. (Yes, I actually DO take pro-business stances on some things.) I like the idea of my company being able to cut an exclusive deal with another company. As long as I am in an industry that isn’t considered a public utility and our partnership doesn’t leave consumers without other options, I should have the freedom to cross-market with the cool kids to improve the bottom line of each.

Oh and while I think a lot of industries should be returned to “public utility” status (electricity being the major one) I don’t think using an iPhone is at all vital to everyday life.