DirecTV has a great FREE offer for me…. or should I say FEE offer? As a loyal customer, I received a flier pointing me to the website where I could pick from one of three FREE gifts! How could I be so lucky? What great customer service. Poppycock!


Let me see – I can get a FREE DVR or HD receiver, 24 FREE pay per view movies, or $10 off my bill for six months? What should I choose?

After clicking on the ‘OFFER DETAILS’ link, I discovered the best choice was to say “uh – no.” It seems that to get your FREE offer you have to agree to locking into 12 more months of service. If you have no plans to take your viewing business elsewhere, I could see how this would be a nice bonus, but I just hate the sneakiness factor. Why not say “If you lock in for 12 more months, you will get _____ FREE.” ?

Why splash FREE all over the place? Is your trust in your service so low that you think you have to mislead your customers? What happened to good old-fashioned straight talk? I have always had a good relationship with DirecTV (with the exception of the ‘packages’ designed to make you purchase more than you want because of how they divide up the channels,) and think that if they would’ve offered the exact same thing without the subterfuge, I would have a positive reaction. As is… I am writing a negative blog piece about them… give the marketing genius that thought up that one a gold star.