First off, let me say that I was at a dinner meeting and unable to watch the debates live last night, so preface this post with the fact that it is just a first impression. I will break down each question and answer later tonight or tomorrow (when I have time) and once again produce my debate report card ala the last Republican and Democratic debates.

Wow! I just love the format of the debate. Real people asking real questions and if the opening comment by Chris in Portland, Oregon is any indication about the tone of the debate, it should be good. Can you imagine a debate in which the candidates answer the actual questions and don’t try to spin? I know, its probably too much to ask.

The other cool thing about this debate is that it is ALL available online! Geez, a so-called Democratic society actually giving full access to the people… what’s next? Actual separation of church and state? (I know… baby steps, right?)

Oh, and there’s still time to get your video questions in for the Republican debate!