While in Wal-Mart the other day with Tony, I was reminded of how much I truly detest shopping. In an effort to stay conscious, I leaned against a rack of dress slacks… something shiny caught my eye. It was then that I saw the blood!


Here is the story as I imagined it:

Some dumb ass decided that it would be a good idea to steal a $20 watch. He got the package, (I am betting he was stock clerk) decided it would be easier to steal without the plastic case, took his box cutter and proceeded to not only free the watch but also take a good slice out of his own hand. Bleeding like a stuck pig with a stolen watch covered in the same was a situation that can only result in panic, so he tossed the watch inside the rack and ran to bandage his wound.

I am guessing that CSI would not be interested in the case as nothing was actually successfully stolen. I am also guessing that since the blood had long been dried, none of the store dicks noticed it yet. The interesting part of this whole thing has to be the guy watching through the little black bubbles on the ceiling. I can imagine his confusion at seeing me snapping a half dozen photos of a rack of pants. He probably figures I am a spy from Target. 🙂