silverho_o.jpgIt is sure to be an unpopular stance with some, but although her boyfriend’s show (Jimmy Kimmel Live) is one of my favorites, her humor is some of lamest on the planet. She takes the low road on every joke and her style is both rude and crude.

The shtick is to start with funny situation and then take the most crude angle possible in an attempt to make the audience laugh. “Watch Season Two of my program or I’ll kill my dog,” she says in her new ad. How is that funny? Sure, I know she wasn’t going to really kill the dog, but how is this funny?

Sarah totally reinvented herself a few years ago when she was a pretty funny standup comedienne. Apparently her act was ‘tweaked’ to see how far she could push the envelope. She went from establishing a premise and delivering a funny punchline, to establishing a premise and delivering a humorless jab at children, small furry animals, the elderly or the handicapped – often with vulgar sex and fecal references. Now I’m no prude, but when I want to laugh at granny, I just don’t want it to be about well-endowed horses (are there any other kind.)

In my humble opinion, Sarah Silverman… you are a humorless hack.