Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? is a fun documentary. It is the tale of a young political science instructor at Washington University who runs for the seat vacated by retiring congressman Dick Gephardt of Missouri. His battle against the entrenched Carnahan family name in the person of Russ Carnaham was the kind of stuff they make movies about – I guess they did.

canmrsmithgoto.jpgThe little-man versus the machine battle of sheer will and hard work against his opponent’s mountain of cash is inspiring and draws a perfect parallel to the 1939 Stewart film where another Jeff Smith fights similar odds.

The film is well-constructed and, as documentaries go, does a great job of keeping you interested while staying true to the story. I tell you, halfway through the thing I was thinking of running for office myself. This film gives you hope that a grass roots movement can actually make a difference in this time of political family and corporate dynasties.

RATING 8 out of 10