Selections from my personal journal during college.

Big break in the writing and big news happening. Just when I figured Tonya and I were starting to have something… Lisa came back into the picture. She has been seeing Tonya’s ex, Brock. Apparently he left Tonya for her – at least that’s what Lisa says. Anyway, Lisa said she was going to dump Brock – so I figured he’d come running back for Tonya since she’s still crazy for him.

Somehow Bryan got himself tangled in all this trying to save the world. All he did was screw up everything. Tonya got pissed because everyone is sticking their noses where they don’t belong. I got the feeling that she was pissed at me Thursday when I went over to wish them a good weekend (in Dallas.) Tonya called me Thursday night just to say that she wasn’t mad at me – that made things a lot better.

I haven’t seen her yet so I hope her weekend went well and that she took the time to realize who really cares about her. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

I talked with Sandy this weekend – relations are improving. She talks to me like we’re good friends again so that’s good. Terry and I went to her softball game Thursday. We got there in the last inning and it was tied at 0-0. Sandy got up to bat and hit a double that knocked in the winning run.

I talked with Kelly too… I guess we may go out again. Oh yeah – I met a gorgeous babe at our party Wednesday named Joannie – we’re going out this week! She’s really pretty.

Tonya is still the one for me though. I’m just going out this week to keep from putting any undue pressure on Tonya. She’s got plenty on her mind.

Oh, I have to call Dayna this week too so we can go out. They (SFA Ladyjacks basketball team) lost in the third round of the NCAA tournament to Maryland. It was a great season though.

It’s been right at three months since my last Wayback entry and it looks like it was worth the wait. This entry may have broken a record for number of girls mentioned. Let me see – Tonya, Lisa, Kelly, Sandy, Joannie, and Dayna. Oh, and I love the justification for being in love with Tonya but going out with five other girls “I’m just going out this week to keep from putting any undue pressure on Tonya.” Priceless. You gotta love how the mind of a a college boy works. haha