The documentary Overnight chronicles the rise and fall of Troy Duffy – the blue-collar-bartender-turned-Hollywood-smartass. Beside being a nice behind-the-scenes stroll through the life of a filmmaker, it is more a tale of youthful naivety. Duffy’s script took Hollywood by storm and revealed him to be a total jerk.

overnightposter234.jpgWatching this documentary is like watching one of the most horrific car wrecks in super slow-motion. If its true that power corrupts than this is the perfect test case. This pitiful little megalomaniac took a golden opportunity and pissed it all away, turned on the ones who made it happen, and alienated the people he was supposed to hold the most dear. Duffy takes my award for the biggest shitheel I have ever seen in the film industry and possibly any industry.

This should be mandatory viewing for anyone at film school or anyone even remotely interested in making films. Even if you just want a lesson in how to take a golden opportunity and ruin it, this is a great film.
RATING 9 out of 10