PeterPanCIMG1445.JPGIt has been nine months since stores pulled Peter Pan Peanut Butter from the shelves because of a salmonella scare. I have tried Jif. (Choosy mothers may choose it – but choosy peanut butter lovers give it a pass.) I have tried store brands. None of them were Peter Pan.

Every trip to the grocery store for the past nine months my heart has sunk when walking past the peanut butter aisle. I had almost given up entirely when I entered Kroger today and there was a little jar of my favorite crunchy peanut butter. I did a double take – doubting my own vision and reached for the jar. Sure enough, my Peter Pan is back!

I haven’t opened the jar yet – right now it seems too valuable to actually use. Instead, I have walked around the house holding it, giggled between tasks when I glance over to the counter where it sits, and yes – taken numerous photographs. I will probably save the grand opening for tomorrow at lunch. I want to make sure everything is just right for our reunion. I sure hope it tastes as good without the salmonella.