repreportcard1128.jpgAlright its time for my second Republican debate report card. As you know, the righties took questions from YouTubers and one or two slid in by Anderson Cooper. As per my last report card on this group, the criteria for grading is purely based on my opinion.

Everytime a candidate says the right thing (i.e. something I agree with) he gets a check in the “Right” column. Everytime something wrong is said, a check in the “Wrong” column. Also, everytime there is an attempt to spin or dodge the question, there was a check in the “Dodge” column.

Combined, the candidates answered the majority of the questions right by a pretty good margin – a dramatic improvement over the first debate I reviewed when they scored only 40.2% right. The thing to remember here is that majority is 50.1% – that is still a failing grade.
45.0% Right
33.7% Wrong
21.3% Spin

So does this mean that the Republicans are coming around to my way of thinking? It seems that on a few issues, they may indeed be listening to the public. Spin, on the other hand, is up from 19.1% earlier in the year to 21.3% now.

You know I love to point out the Spin Masters – these are the guys that most often changed the subject or avoided the question.
30.6% Mitt Romney
28.6% John McCain
26.9% Rudy Giuliani

It seems that pretty-boy Mitt Romney has upped his spin percentage
slightly over his previous score but McCain and Giuliani are close on his heels. One third of the time, when these three men are talking – they are avoiding the issue. Not sure I saw that trait in any of the how-to-be-a-leader books.

Who was the furthest off target? Who was the candidate with the most wrong answers?
45.0% Fred Thompson
44.4% Mitt Romney
42.3% Rudy Giuliani

Newcomer Fred Thompson must have had the wrong script as he was the most often dead wrong across all issues. Mitt Romney came in at #2 while the previous leader in wrongness, Giuliani, slid to three. Not only did he fall to #3, but he percentage wrong dropped significantly from his 52.6% on his first report card. Mike Huckabee’s 29.4% is the biggest turnaround as last time around he was 51.9% wrong. Way to not suck so much, Mike.

Once again the winner in the most right answers category was Dr. Ron Paul. The first go-round this was a big surprise to me, now it seems painfully obvious that his is the only candidacy that isn’t bought and paid for by special interests.
94.7% Ron Paul
66.7% Tom Tancredo
50.0% Duncan Hunter

Ron Paul has amazingly added a double-digit increase over his surprising first report card. Also in a repeat performance, Tom Tancredo came in 2nd and increased over his grade in the first debate. Knocking John McCain out of 3rd is Duncan Hunter. McCain dropped dearly 10 points under his previous score.

The big news here is that unlike last time when of the three most-correct candidates, only John McCain had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning, Ron Paul not only increased his lead as the best candidate, but has shattered fundraising efforts and now is seen as a viable candidate for the job. In fact, recent polls have shown that when each of these Republicans is pitted against Hillary Clinton – ONLY RON PAUL WINS that matchup.

Again, a reminder that all of the grades are based on the candidate giving the answer that I most agree with – but also, just like last time, CNN readers seems to agree that it was another clear win for Ron Paul.