barbara43434.jpgPlease don’t ask me why I devote blog space to this subject for the second year in a row. I guess it is because despite nobody giving a damn who Barbara Walters thinks are the “10 Most Fascinating People,” these ‘specials’ just keep coming. If you surveyed the nation as to who they thought was most fascinating, I guarantee you wouldn’t find 10 people who agree with this list, and it only qualifies as a ‘special’ if we are talking about the padded-helmet-wearing kind of special.

Sure, some of these people are interesting – but the MOST fascinating? Jennifer Hudson? Great voice, great story… not the MOST. Katherine Heigl? Hot actress, great personality, super talent… not the MOST. The guy from MySpace? Rich, lots of fake friends… not the MOST. Posh Spice and that soccer dude? A former singer and a former great athlete… not the MOST. The list goes on and on – seriously, are any of these people on YOUR list of most fascinating?

Here is the real skinny behind the list – it is a stroke of marketing genius. Career flailing? Need a ratings boost? Need to get back in the spotlight? Just do the Barbara special. Oh wait – some of them are doing fine in their careers – maybe you just need some PR? Do the Barbara special. Barbara makes a mint – you get your PR – what’s not to love? It’s all good if the public behaves as they think – which means believing these people are at all relevant – believing that Barbara Walters opinion of anything is at all relevant – ie. buying this load of bull.

Oh yeah and Justin Timberlake? Sexy back? Really?