CIMG1551.JPGI was in San Marcos this weekend with Ron and really enjoyed checking out their annual “Sights and Sounds” street festival. Our host, Scott, was our guide and did a great job of giving us the official tour. We met a bunch of great San Marcians (thats the term I heard them refer to themselves as) including the organizer of the festival. They were all a bunch of great people and it really reminded me of the small town feel I had growing up. Santa Claus was in attendance, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was playing on the big screen, there was live music, and tons of great (but very unhealthy) foods.

I am really starting to like San Marcos more and more so I expect to be making the short trip West more often.

After San Marcos, Ron and I headed North to Moody, Texas where we caught the TAPPS Six Man Football State Championship games. The trip was part of our Lone Star Gridiron coverage and was a lot of fun. It was the first time I saw sixman football live and let me tell you, its a blast to watch. The whole small-town flavor of the weekend carried over into the games and made for a very relaxed time despite all the hard work and over 500 miles in the car.