paymentzone8_1430.jpgTony D. pointed this machine out on a recent trip to my Valero corner store. It is kind of cool – assuming there isn’t something in the fine print that makes it a ripoff.

You can pay your bills online for AT&T, DirecTV, and a slew of other places, you can purchase and load debit cards, download music, and even purchase wireless minutes – all from a handy kiosk. As a point-of-sale value per square foot of floor space, it looks like this could be very profitable for convenience stores. The idea of being able to handle a lot of your business right there certainly seems attractive.

The big question is whether or not there are additional charges for things like paying your satellite bill and if so, whether or not those charges are worth the convenience. I would assume that the charge is little or nothing for these services as that seems to be the business model that actually works.

What do you think of it? Would you use this type of kiosk? I will definitely be paying attention. If these things can get better placement than the back corner this one was shoved in, they could take off.