cokezerobott32.jpgWe’ve all seen the commercials – Coca-Cola is suing Coke Zero for copyright infringement based on the fact that CZ tastes just like the original. I have to call bullshit on that one.

I had my first taste of Coke Zero today and true, the “diet aftertaste” isn’t nearly as strong as most diet drinks – but you are still left with that distinctly yecch flavor of a diet drink. I thought I would give it a shot since I got a coupon to try one for free. The coupon implied that my first hit was free and after that they would have me hooked. Swing and a miss.

Ever the curious one, I looked into the ingredients of Coke Zero versus their regular Diet Coke…
… the only thing I recognize there is water. What the heck are PHENYLKETONURICS or PHENYLALANINE? I’m not sure, but it definitely doesn’t sound like anything I want in my body.

CRUD!! After a little research, I see its also in my favorite gum – EXTRA.

WHEW!! After a little more research, I see it (the second word) is an essential amino acid. The warning is there for people who suffer from PKU (the first word) who cannot metabolize it.

Okay, gum crisis averted…. but I still don’t like Coke Zero