I have been a member of Swaptree.com for quite some time and found it interesting but never really found what I would consider to be a good swap. The problem really wasn’t the shortage of products available, it was the shortage of stuff for me to trade away. I have always just sold things on Ebay or given them away on freecycle.org when I no longer wanted them.

About a week and a half ago I was sent an email requesting a trade and although I know my item was worth more, I wasn’t playing it and probably never would again so I figured what the heck. The item I traded for is something I will install and play with a couple hours and likely put aside also (I just don’t have time for much of any gaming any more) but for the grand total of $2 in postage, I got rid of something taking up space and have a few hours of fun in store.

The trade went very smooth despite being a three-party exchange. I sent my game last week and received the new one today. Easy cheesy!

If you have a lot of games, software, books etc. lying around – it is a really good way to parlay that into something else you might want. As I remember, Random from Sturgeon’s Law also had a good experience with Swaptree.