aubreybaby055.JPGI’ve always thought this was one of the best ideas ever – sending teenagers home with an electronic baby that needs to be rocked, burped, and cared for all hours of the day and night. The idea is that if teens can see how much work a baby is, they will think twice about having sex. Whether or not it deters premarital sex, I think it does encourage things like condom use… these little suckers are a lot of work.

Despite Ron and I wanting to make some baby kung-fu videos for YouTube and teasing Aubrey mercilessly about his newborn, he seemed to be adapting well to the job. He complained constantly about what a pain it was rocking the thing to sleep. He tried again and again to get his mom, Machel, to take over for awhile. In the end though, he got the thing to fall asleep and headed off to bed. I am sure it will wake him up during the night and his frustration level will rise. Hopefully, he will take away something valuable from the experience.

I think the resemblance is pretty uncanny. 🙂