Clemens_Rage.jpgMy brother Tim and I were talking last night and he asked, “So what do you think about your boy Clemens?”

“Of course he DID it. Look at him. He’s built like a brick-sh*thouse and played his best years AFTER he turned 40,” I exclaimed. “I’m sick of all this “maybe he did, maybe he didn’t stuff.””

I followed with a tirade about how I am sick and tired of the athletes getting their missteps forgiven – citing Andy Pettit, Mark McGwire, Koby Bryant, Terrell Owens, even Ray Lewis. Athletes are forgiven for cheating, for breaking the law, even for murder!

Tim agreed saying that you can be forgiven for just about anything in this country if you come clean, well anything except for hurting dogs (Michael Vick.) The public is extremely forgiving.

Tim went on to say how Roger Clemens should have just come clean right up front and admitted he did use HGH – afterall, it wasn’t illegal. He also brought up an interesting point that if Clemens came clean, the Barry Bonds detractors had to hate Clemens equally and challenge the Cy Young awards or cut Barry some slack and stop calling for asterisks on his records. We both agreed that the entire record books should just have one huge asterisk covering the last 15-20 years saying this was the “Juiced Player Era.”

I had purposely stayed away from the whole issue just because I am tired of conversations like this taking center stage over more important things (like an election system filled with fraud and a public too busy talking about Roger Clemens to notice that in our election of “change” the same old tired establishment candidates are being pushed down our throats.)

As it was a good conversation that dealt with important issues, rather than the validity of records in a game, it seemed a good idea to include it here.