bakers8-08_2051.jpgThis past weekend was once again filled with miles and miles behind the wheel, but it was all in the cause of good times. I drove to Victoria Friday to visit my mom (and nephew, Blake.) I spent the night there and then in the morning, Mom and I headed back to San Marcos. I showed her around San Marvelous and then Saturday night took the short drive over to Lockhart, Texas to attend the Gaslight-Baker Theatre production of “Last of the Red Hot Lovers.” It was one of the few Neil Simon plays I had never seen.

The production was excellent. I really like the theatre, it is just like the old one in Victoria, but much nicer inside. The cast did a very good job and as is usual with Simon’s work, the audience was rolling in the aisles.

I haven’t been to live theater for quite some time (over a year) and it was good to watch some with my mom again. Going to plays with my mom is always a treat not only because we have similar tastes in productions, but because it is “our thing” – something that have done for years.

Sunday, we got up and I drove her back to Victoria and then once again hopped right back in the car for San Marcos. I will be heading to Houston late Tuesday night or early Wednesday so that I can catch up on things there and attend the Southland Conference Basketball Tournament in Katy.