Geez, what a horrible night of television on Comedy Central. First, a brand new South Park. What’s not to love about one of the funniest shows in history? This episode.

Forgive the spoiler, but in the show Cartman and Kyle become HIV positive and search for a cure. While normally even the most taboo subject is made hilarious by Parker and Stone, somehow the HIV story failed to even make me crack a smile. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE poking fun in a politically incorrect manner… they just forgot the ‘fun’ part.

Next up was Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil. I was looking forward to this show because I am big fan of his comedy. Talk about a snooze-fest. The format is that each week a comparison is made between two things and the items are defended/accused by different comedians. Black, as judge, will issue his final verdict at the end after each comedian has a couple chances to make his/her case.

The problem is that the comedy is lame, the comedians are the same tired cabal of out-of-work, in-bred, second-rate yucksters tossed out over and over in hopes of convincing us they are funny, and Lewis Black has proven to be a funny-man best served in two-minute segments on The Daily Show.

Oh yeah and add in the fact that the show appears to be a “text in your vote” cash grab… this one cannot be buried fast enough.