The quest* continued last night in Lockhart. This place brags about being the home of the best BBQ in Texas and last night was an opportunity to try the second of the three Lockhart legends – Kreuz Market.

I have to say that the brisket at Kreuz’s beats my all-time favorite meatery (City Market in Luling) but the jury is still out on the rest. I haven’t tried the pork ribs so City Market still leads in that category. The area I am having a hard time deciding on is the sausage. City Market’s links have more grease (which translates to flavor) and you are hit instantly with a rush of mouth-watering flavor. The Kreuz Market sausage is more lean but with the addition of more pepper, the flavor is still great. I’m afraid I am going to have to either eat them side-by-side or at least head back to City Market for another taste. 🙂

Aubrey and I at Krew’s Market.

* The quest for the best BBQ in Texas