enchiladaG2254.JPGI found a bag of Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos at the HEB in San Marcos and thought “Cool… these could be good.” Turns out they are pretty good. In fact, they remind me of a flavor they released back in mid-80’s (I can’t recall the flavor but there was green on bag so it must have been Ranch or something) but with a little bit of spice.

I looked for them at convenience stores and at my grocery store in Houston, but nothing. As it turns out San Marcos appears to be the only area I can find them. It got me to wondering if it was an attempt to market to the large Hispanic population in San Marcos? Most likely it is, but I think the Frito-Lay company is missing out on a large white population that loves Mexican food. They might sell more bags and thus prove the product idea a success.

Do you have Cheesy Enchilada flavored Cheetos in your neck of the woods? Hit me back.