The last few trips between San Marcos and Houston, I noticed a new(?) facility on the side of I-10. Parked by the freeway was a military transport vehicle perched impressively on a mound of earth. As I scanned the facility set off the road, I was shocked to see hundreds of military vehicles in desert camo and olive green. The sign read: BAE Systems.

A little research later and I discovered that BAE Systems is the world’s third largest defense contractor and as it is based in Europe, it is the largest in that region. The sight of all those military vehicles stationed in Central Texas was a little daunting. The idea of a British defense contractor having such a presence on our soil is downright scary.

Am I saying that this is a sign of the coming martial law espoused by conspiracy theorists? No. Am I saying that our national sovereignty has been sold out to the global elitists? No.

What I am saying is that just as the abolition of Posse Comitatus scared the heck out of me, the stockpiling of military vehicles in Central Texas scares me as well. Whether the goal is to ship them all overseas to extend our involvement there, or to quell a public rebelling against their elected officials, they make me uneasy. At the very least, a British defense contractor taking American jobs and profits has to be a little upsetting.


What are your thoughts? Does this feel right to you?