I am having a crisis of faith in my fellow man and was hoping you folks could give me a little feedback.

Is everyone truly out for themselves? Does anyone do things because it’s the right thing to do anymore? Did they ever? Sure, you don’t rob liquor stores (or do you? haha) but do you choose not to because its the right thing to do, or because the consequences to you in breaking that law are painful? When no one is around do you drop a gum wrapper on the ground? Is it because you think that polluting the environment is wrong or because you’d hate to be seen littering (social stigma) or tickets (financial consequences?)

The reason I ask is because I am get fed up with people who tell me they want to help me. We have all seen this… people who jump at the opportunity to help out when they have something to gain… but are no where to be found if they don’t benefit.

What is human nature? Are we good or are we selfish? Is life a struggle to get ahead no matter who you have to step on, or is doing good good enough?

Will you comment here to add to the discussion and assist myself and others in analyzing one of life’s biggest mysteries? Or instead – will you comment so you can look smart? Or worse – not comment at all because there is nothing in it for you?