One of the things that attracted me to San Marcos was the bike culture. Being a cyclist for the past 25 years, and having dropped way off my earlier mileage totals, I figured the move would get me back in the saddle.


Today was the first day I cycled to work and I have to say it was a blast. It is a tiny ride, as bike treks go, (5 miles round trip) but because there are uphill sections each way, it was an invigorating bit of exercise.

The first stop after I got to the Newstreamz office was to the corner bike shop – The Hub – for some adjustment to my gear cables, lube to the chain, new back brakes, and a general tune-up. As much as I have always loved working on my own bike, it was kinda cool to have them do it. It just took a couple minutes and I didn’t have to drag my stand and tools out or clean up afterwards.

On the way back to the apartment, I discovered a route that had less traffic and appeared to be just a bit more safe.

I look forward to riding much more, and of course, the great side effect of dropping the weight, that the photo clearly shows, I can spare.