By now, most of you know that I run and am part owner of in San Marcos. I mentioned earlier in the blog about having to take care of some distasteful business by letting someone go that simply wasn’t producing. First came the petty name calling, then that person went into business in direct competition with our venture. No problem… he never had the drive to do it consistently before, no reason to believe he would start now.

His site has been going in fits and starts, a spurt of four stories one day, a recovery day or two, and then a couple more etc.

His latest volley is even more humorous… he has pulled out Alexa. The internet savvy know that Alexa is a joke. Rather than recreate the wheel in explaining it all to you, how about letting Slashdot make the argument for me?

“Its sampling methodology is flawed and the numbers it produces are meaningless”

The fact that Alexa won’t use their own ranking system should tell you everything.

The other completely laughable part of this whole thing is that when you actually look up his site on Alexa, the page ranking reads: —— has a traffic rank of: No Data

Nice – not only does he quote a site proven to be statistically worthless, but his site doesn’t even rank on it.

Fun stuff.