It seems that more and more I am writing about flavors of Mountain Dew, various chips, or, like in this case, M&Ms.

My quest for new and interesting flavors continues with the latest offerings from M&Ms.


The first one actually sounded better than it is. Wild Cherry M&Ms are great in small portions (ie one M) but when you try to down a few in a row, the tartness completely overwhelms the palette. (That will likely be the last time you will anyone refer to their palette in reference to M&Ms)


The other new flavor is quite possibly one of the best new candies in years. Mint Crisp M&Ms are part of the massive Indiana Jones movie tie-in marketing campaign. The flavor is great – we are talking little drops of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Yes, they taste just like the guiltiest pleasure in the junk food world.

I am sure that both flavors will be in limited release, so if you see one, grab them fast. I know I will be tossing several bags of the Mint Crisps in my refrigerator for later consumption.

Wherever there are new snack food flavors to try, I will be there to assure you only kill yourself with the tastiest of junk.