You know by now that my biggest addiction is trying out new and interesting flavors of what most people would consider junk food. I am the first to admit that soft drinks are horrible and that they are pretty much akin to death in a bottle… but darn, they sure taste good.

I am attempting to wean myself from them, but will still, from time to time, give a new flavor the ol’ taste test. The newest flavor I have tried out is A&W Root Beer Float.


The first impression of this drink is great. It brings you back to the time of the A&W drive-ins, a frosty mug, and that mother of all sweet treats – the root beer float.

The exciting thing is that it indeed does taste just like a root beer float – ice cream and all. The problem is that before you are halfway through the bottle, the sweetness just overwhelms you. I literally was unable to finish the bottle.

I won’t be buying another.