newdewtrio.jpgThe junk food quest continues… once again it includes my favorite soft drink – Mountain Dew.

Three brand new flavors of the drink aimed at the counter-culture crowd hit the store shelves in my community today. All three of the flavors are part of a customer interaction campaign which saw Dew-drinkers submitting flavor combinations in an effort to have their creation make the cut as one of the three new products.

The new flavors – Voltage (raspberrry citrus flavor and ginseng,) Supernova (strawberry melon flavor and ginseng,) and Revolution (wild berry fruit flavor and ginseng) – will fight it out in the market to see which version sells the best. The top one will remain a part of the regular Mountain Dew lineup and the rest will be relegated to the ‘history’ heap.

I bought some of Voltage and Revolution, but the melon flavor of the Supernova brand didn’t sound that appealing.

So far, I have tried Voltage and immediately felt as though I had tasted this before. I sorta tastes like a cross between Baja Blast and Game Fuel. Hmmm… then again, it could have a hint of Live Wire in it?

I am so confused.

EDIT: I just finished the Revolution flavor and it not only looks the same pale blue as Voltage, but tastes almost identical. Overall, I am under impressed with the new flavors.