I know from all the junk food posts it must seem that I do nothing but eat this crud. While I do try each of the items I write about here, it’s not like I add them to my regular diet. I simply enjoy the exploration of flavors.

The science of little bits of ‘flavoring’ added to crunchy or chewy items is fascinating to me. Sometimes it amuses me – sometimes it totally creeps me out.


Andy Capp’s Hot Chili Cheese Steak Fries are one of the ones that just blows me away. I am not talking about the flavor, which is top notch – I am referring to the uncanny similarity to the taste of real chili and cheese.

It appears we have actually reached what we have seen in science fiction movies all our lives – a tiny pill that tastes like a full course meal. This is a bag of corn and potato ‘mush’ formed into a shape and made to taste like something totally different. Now if they could just make broccoli taste like chocolate pudding.