That’s how I described my first taste of Big Red soda in over two decades. It has literally been that long since I had a sip of one. Noticing Blake drinking about one a week or so for the last month got me to wondering about the taste. I really couldn’t remember the flavor and since our tastes run pretty similar, I mentioned to him that I was going to have to try one. Ever the enabler, he handed one over… wow, it was nothing like I was expecting.

Maybe I was imagining something with more of a cinnamon flavor, but I was hit with the most overwhelming sweetness I can remember from a soft drink. It was as if someone has liquefied cake frosting and injected carbonated water into it. Will I be a regular Big Red drinker? Not likely – I am in no hurry to become a diabetic.

If you ever need a sugar rush – you couldn’t find anything sweeter even if you added a drop of red food coloring to a cup of sugar.