Okay, here’s the deal. I am trying to stop drinking soft drinks. I had pretty much eliminated them from the lifestyle and then, because I am do impressionable, I started drinking them again when Blake moved to San Marcos. (I really am that weak when it comes to food and beverage that is bad for me.)

To curb that I have put a bounty on soft drinks – well not on the drinks themselves, but on catching me drinking one. Its pretty simple – you catch me partaking of a carbonated sugar-water drink and mention it. I hand you five bucks. The system will stay in place until the end of the year which will certainly be enough time to break the habit.

And just so you don’t get any ideas about turning this into a money-making machine, only the FIRST person to catch me drinking on gets paid (and then I get to finish that one.)

I figure after drinking a couple $5 Dr. Peppers I’ll break the habit pretty easy.

Wish me luck