I just did my first neti experience (see previous article for my motivation) and while the jury is still out as to both the long term effects and my willingness to become a regular netiopian (I made that word up,) I have to admit something is going on.

I received a sample from Dr. Hana of Nasopure with the recommendation that I give it a try before poo-pooing the whole idea.  Tonight I did.

Following the instructions, I put the nozzle of warm water and nasopure solution (salt and baking soda) to one nostril, closed my throat so that I wouldn’t drown and squeezed.  My formerly clean(?) sinus let loose what felt like gobs and gobs of snot as the solution made its way through the cavity and out my other nostril.  Judging by the expelled mucus in the sink, it really wasn’t much stuff, but I guess when it is forced through your sinus and out your nose all at once, it seems like a truckload.

As first, I just sat there a second experiencing the sensation, and then I proceeded to repeat the procedure via the other nostril.  It was a bit more sketchy this time as the flow wasn’t as smooth and in stopping to breathe, I half drowned myself.  In the end though, I made it through in time for an all-over sensation I wasn’t expecting.

Not only did my eyes start to water, but I felt lightheaded.  It was as if I had a light buzz going and not at all unpleasant.  I don’t know if it related to the fact that I have never had that much of anything in my nasal cavity or that the solution absorbed in the membranes was having some sort of affect, but it was definitely interesting.

Now, twenty minutes later, I have a more acute feeling of the cleanliness and absence of mucus.  The temporary goofy feeling has long since disappeared as well.

I have enough solution to do it a couple more times and will let you know not only how it works on the whole, but will try it without the solution using just water as well.  The jury is still out on a final verdict, but so far I am inclined to think it will turn out to be a good thing and maybe even a part of my future routine.  Stay tuned.