In my facebook post I stated, “Chris Doelle believes he is on the receiving end of some serious karmic payback. (Look for full blog post to explain later today).” This, is that explanation.

Whether your thinking aligns with Karma, God, coincidence, or some other explanation, you can certainly get your head around payback.

Let me fill you in on my agenda for making that post. I wanted to see who would respond to it and how they would interpret the meaning. Although nobody posted a comment on the entry, I did get several in-person comments. One asked “What hell hounds are after you now?” assuming that I was talking about a negative Karmic payback. I also had people assuming it was good as well as being neutral and just asking me if it was good or bad. It was a good test to see whether people were optimists, pessimists, or neither. A total of nine people talked to me about the post and the score was 4 negative, 3 positive, and 2 neutral.

The point? If you expect bad things, you see bad things, and vice-versa. So how have “I” been thinking in terms of Karma? There is some payback going around in my life for good things I have done as well as some of the less empathetic gestures on my part. I take the good with the bad, but overall I am very pleased with how things are going.