I finally saw the 1989 documentary Roger & Me by Michael Moore. I have stated that I am not a big fan of Moore’s. I often agree with his point of view, but find his documentaries a bit over-the-top and hyperbolic. All the extra theatrics and political slanting take away from his credibility and thus have the effect of doing more harm than good for a cause.

It seems that this film was before he got too insane and too fond of his own voice and image. It was more like a real documentary and thus was easier to watch. You could see the beginnings of his celluloid soapbox being created here, but he had not yet become “Michael Moore.”

I probably rated it lower than I would have had I seen it back in ’89, but I did like the film, just saw too much of what was to come. As a documentary about the fall of the city of Flint, Michigan as a result of the actions by General Motors, it was good. The thing that really turned me off was Moore’s habit of berating people who had nothing to do with the issue. Flint native, Bob Eubanks made it out of the area and made a good life for himself – just as Michael Moore did… why give him a hard time?

Those moments of yellow journalism took what could have been a decent documentary and made it subpar – which IS par for Michael Moore.

RATING 4 out of 10