I am pleased to report that the weight loss continues. Just a few short weeks ago, I reported reaching 216lbs (my lowest since this effort began) and I am happy to report that I weighed in at 211 this morning. That’s 29 pounds lost since I made that a goal.

I still need some help coming up with a suitable self-reward for reaching 200 pounds. Originally, I was thinking of something like skydiving or similar, but I’m not sure. I had sorta narrowed to down finding something that was much easier at 200 pounds than 240 pounds, but hell – everything is.

I do have a pretty significant event coming up in about five weeks so if I pick up the pace a little, I could reach my goal around the same time. Maybe I could combine the two into some super celebration – who knows.

I celebrated today’s weigh in with finally being able to wear a shirt I bought when I first got to town.

They didn’t have it in my size (2XL) so I bought the XL figuring I would be able to fit in at some point.

Anyway, wish me luck and be sure to kick me in butt if you see pigging out or being lazy. Thanks for coming along on the journey.